Agenda of PyCon HK 2020 Spring is released

Agenda of PyCon HK 2020 Spring is released

The agenda of the online PyCon HK 2020 Spring on 8-10 May 2020 is now released with a G calender. No pre-registration is required and all sessions are free-of-charge. Thanks for our speakers and a small volunteer team to make this happen.

Making Donation to PSF

We encourage you to make a donation to the Python Software Foundation which runs the PyCon US (which is previously canceled), they also own the Python project and related trademarks including PyCon.

Friday Sessions

The online PyCon HK 2020 Spring will be started with an opening at 9:45AM on Youtube, and the registration of unconference will be announced at the opening and social networks.

“Fighting COVID-19 with Machine Learning” by Ms. Choi will be followed at 10AM after the opening. In the afternoon, 3 sessions will be started at 4PM which the topics are “IoT Image Classification”, “Why writing C extension?” and GraalPython.

Unconference & Development Sprint

The unconference and the online development sprint will be started from Saturday 10AM, it is recommended that the unconference virtual sessions should be hosted outsides other presentation sessions and do not overlap. You can do your own coding or other contributions to any python projects you interested at home before Sunday 5:30PM as a part of the online development sprint, and give a short wrap-up from 5:30PM.

Presentation Sessions on Saturday

The presentation sessions will be started from 3:00PM with “The Cantonese pythonist meeting” (廣東話香港Python社群聚會) hosted by Sammy, which may be extended to 4PM.

6 English & Cantonese sessions will be followed until 7:00PM delivered by speakers from Hong Kong, Europe and Guangzhou. And 2 night sessions at 10:00 – 11:30PM.

Sunday Sessions

Mr. Takanori Suzuki from PyCon JP will start his presentation about their python community at 11:00AM, and Sammy will do another English session to discuss the local Hong Kong python community right after the session by Suzuki-san. After 3 other sessions in the afternoon and evening, the closing session of the conference will be delivered by Sammy at 9:30PM.