Sessions and Tickets of PyCon HK 2020 Fall

Sessions and Tickets of PyCon HK 2020 Fall

PyCon HK 2020 Fall is the 6th Python community conference in Hong Kong. The conference share how we use Python to serve the society and community and demonstrates its use-cases for A.I. and other real-world applications.

50% of Ticket Income from Python Fan and Supporter Tickets will be donated to the Python Software Foundation (PSF). Ticket Sales is now started. A PyCon HK T-Shirt will be a giveaway to each Python Fan Ticket holders. Student tickets and the Financial Assistance Program are also available.

3 Keynotes:

  • Real Time Monitoring for Machine Learning in Production (Alejandro Saucedo) (United Kingdom) (English)
  • What I have learned in building a production website that serves PyCon APAC 2020 within 4 days (Tang Ing Wei) (Malaysia) (English)
  • When technology meets humanity – Sign language recognition translator for Hong Kong hearing impaired community (Rush Wong) (Hong Kong) (Cantonese)

Sponsored Sessions:

  • Python is your frend with MySQL Shell (Ivan Ma) (Hong Kong) (English)
  • Develop Cloud-Native Application using MySQL Database Service (Ryan Kuan) (Malaysia) (English)

Other Sessions:

  • Plug into JAX frameworks (Nick Doiron) (Boston, USA) (English)
  • A review of gap-filling techniques in time series data (Sara Iris Garcia) (Guatemala) (English)
  • Building REST API endpoint with FastAPI (Chris Choy) (Hong Kong) (English)
  • Integrating data pipeline with Tensorflow model deployment using PySpark (Winnie Yeung) (Hong Kong) (Cantonese)
  • Build COVID-19 Chatbot with Python (Kinfey Lo) (Canton)(Cantonese)
  • Building interactive map portal with GeoDjango (Ho Wa Wong) (Hong Kong) (Cantonese)

More sessions (if any) will be announced soon.

Ticket Sales:
Financial Assistance Program:

Organisers: Hong Kong Python User Group, Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association, Open Source Hong Kong.