Ticketing x Chatbot

Mayday's Concert Ticket is extremly hot in Asia. Cooperated with HKMayday, one of the largest Hong Kong Mayday Fans Club, I have built a ticketing platform for handling the complicated problem in exchanging / selling ticket within the fans.

This topic will share with you about

  1. How to build the telegram chatbot via Python
  2. What I faced during develop this chatbot

Day 2 (5th November) 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM
AC1 Classroom P4701
English (English Slides)
Bring personal laptop and your own charger. Checkout the code from Install the requirement from requirement.txt


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Payton Chan @comma

A crazy fans of Mayday and Fish Leong. Loves to use programming to kill the daily stuff in my life.

Now is working at KKBOX Taiwan as Research Engineer in Data Pipeline and Machine Learning.

Nationality: Hong Kong Live In: (Taiwan)