How to reinvent the wheel and build the most popular JSON-RPC library

This topic covers 4 years journey of JSON-RPC library implementation. While there were several similar projects, the author decided to write another one. Why reinvent the wheel?

Now the library is the most popular Python implementation of JSON-RPC protocol. Kirill wants to share his ideas behind package architecture, positioning, and promotion.

Day 1 (4th November) 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM
AC1 Classroom P4701
English (English Slides)


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Kirill Pavlov Kirill Pavlov

Kirill graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He started his career as a software developer in advertisement department of Yandex, listed search engine company. After polishing engineering and data mining skills he moved to Hong Kong and led a development team in Multichannel, demand side advertisement platform. Then he joined Asia Miles of Cathay Pacific as Data Scientist and worked with Apache Spark and XGBoost. Now Kirill is working in Terminal 1, IT and analytics boutique recruitment firm, bringing data mining into a traditional industry. He is passionate about studying new things and open source contribution.

Nationality: Russia Live In: (Hong Kong)