Talk: Using Python to work with Document in MySQL

Speaker: Ryusuke Kajiyama (梶山隆輔)

Company: Oracle

Language: English (with English Slides)

Photo of Ryusuke Kajiyama

About Speaker

Ryusuke Kajiyama(梶山隆輔) is Open Source Specialist with 10+ years of experience of systems design using MySQL and open source solutions. He originally joined MySQL AB, and is currently managing MySQL Sales Consultant team of Asia Pacific region at Oracle.

Prior to join MySQL, he was Consultant at Nomura Research Institute, working on enterprise systems design with Oracle Database, WebLogic, Solaris, and various Open Source software including MySQL, JBoss and Linux. He is a Co-Founder of Japan JBoss Users Group.

About the Topic

JSON document becomes another essential move for today application development. MySQL develops a new protocol called X-plugin to work with new wave of Document Store in MySQL. MySQL Shell as new tool allows python interface to interact with MySQL database. In the session, Kajiyama Ryusuke shares the Document Store In and Out and how Python script can be used with MySQL Shell to deal with MySQL Document Store. Come and join us in the session to see how Python can with with the New Wave of MySQL Document Store.

Tags: MySQL, Document, JSON

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