Talk: Unlocking PDFs by Machine Learning

Speaker: Shilpa Karkeraa

Myraa Technologies

Language: English (with English Slides)

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About Speaker

Founder & Technology Evangelist from Myraa Technologies. Pythonista who's fueled with passion to make lives easier. Seasoned Product Specialist with +5 successful products which serve seamlessly creating industry standard products, drove & mentored Product Teams.

About the Topic

Many Businesses leverage IT services to build customized softwares to build Databases, softwares & systems to make lives easier. However, here's presenting you an intelligent bot which parses, learns and provides you data in structured formats to further analyze. This software is a shrink wrapped Product which learns from the data in the PDFs, clusters it by layout, synonyms, and similarities, to unlock PDFs for analytics. It has the bandwidth to learn & parse PDF data from any domain & structures it meaningfully. It sits like a Data regulator plug on your PDFs, helps you build Data-stores, eliminates manual entry, avoids software integration costs, extends API for analytics.

Tags: Universal PDF Parser, PDFs Unlocked, Smart Learning