Talk: Make Your Computer See, Listen, Speak and Predict with Python

Speaker: Samson Lee

Company: Microsoft

Language: Cantonese (with English Slides)

Photo of Samson Lee

About Speaker

Samson Lee – Technology Solutions Professional

Focus on Machine Learning application development in Microsoft, with experience to build chat bots that integrated with natural language understanding capability. Lately has also been working on DevOps projects, which helped enterprises to partly automate the team development flow.

About the Topic

Leveraging on Machine Learning to develop solutions could help in providing data insight in a more accurate and efficient way, than when exploring with a manual approach. Python is one of the languages that has been commonly used in managing and processing data. A challenge for developers though, would be the knowledge required for developing Machine Learning model such as choice of algorithm, data processing techniques. With Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, developing your own Machine Learning solution can be much easier as there are blocks of algorithm provided, and developers can freely customize the machine learning model by adding your own Python script. And if creating a machine learning model by yourself sounds too advanced for you, Microsoft provides a wide ranges of API that can help in processing objects in pictures, speech-to-text conversion and language understanding, namely Microsoft Cognitive Services. These API can be easily called with Python script to enrich the functions of your web apps. Join this session to learn how you make your computer smarter on Python.

Tags: Machine Learning, Python, Azure

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