Talk: Creating Python Application with High Available MySQL Services

Speaker: Ivan Ma (Ivan)

Language: English (with English Slides)

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About Speaker

Ivan Ma is the MySQL User Group Lead in Hong Kong. He has over 20+ years of experience in enterprise system infrastructure and software technologies. He has certification on MySQL DBA 5.6, MySQL Developer 5.1 and MySQL Cluster 5.1 DBA.

He Joined MySQL, is currently MySQL Principal Sales Consultant, Asia Pacific with Oracle, responsible for pre-sales consulting, technical education, and product promotions.

Prior to joining MySQL team, he joined Oracle in System Team from Sun Mircosystems acquisition. Prior to Sun Microsystems, he was Principal Solution Architect with Sybase APAC covering APAC regions.

About the Topic

This is a technical talk sharing about using MySQL Connector/Python together with using FLASK framework to build Web Application. In the session, we share how we can create simple Python App with FLASK, we go thru the connection to MySQL Database. we will go thru the QUERY, UPDATE to MySQL Database with Python. We will go thru looping the cursor for rows retrieved from MySQL Database. We will go thru invoking Stored Procedure. Finally, creating a Web Application with FLASK. Join the session.

Tags: MySQL, Python Connector, Database

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