Talk: Analyze Camera Images with Deep Learning in Python

Speaker: Felix Yu

Toppick Analytics

Language: Cantonese (with English Slides)

Photo of Felix Yu

About Speaker

Felix is the Founder of Toppick Analytics, a financial technology company specializing in building financial data analytics products. Prior to founding Toppick, Felix earned his Masters Degree in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University and Bachelor Degree in Financial Engineering from Columbia University.

On the side, Felix is passionate in machine learning and had competed in various data science/predictive analytics competitions. He achieved "master" status in Kaggle, which is awarded to a group of top performers in data science competitions hosted on Kaggle platform. Felix has extensive experience using Python for web programming and data analytics.

About the Topic

The recent introduction of Deep Learning has disrupted the field of Computer Vision. In this talk, we will give a step-by-step walkthrough of using Keras Deep Learning Framework to analyze camera images and tell apart if a particular driver is well-behaved or is distracted (e.g. texting, drinking, reaching behind, etc). Our approach achieved Top 4% in the StateFarm Distracted Driver competition organized by Kaggle.

Tags: Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence