Why should you learn writing C extension?

Why should you learn writing C extension?

Why should you learn writing C extension? (Gavin Chan) (Hong Kong) is an English session in the online PyCon HK 2020 Spring.

  • Are you sometimes frustrated by the performance of Python?
  • Do you always look for open source library to speed up your process?
  • Do you feel numpy cannot give you much edge to enhance the performance now?

If you answer yes in any of the above questions, probably writing C extension will be a great solution to you.

First we will go through the reasons to learn writing C extension. Then the modern libraries, e.g. Cython and pybind11, will be introduced to develop C extension and compared with their features and functionalities. Along the way, a few simple but common problems are demonstrated that writing C extension can be straightforward, and improves greatly your software quality and performance.

Slide: https://github.com/pyconhk/pyconhk-presentations/blob/master/2020spring/Why_should_you_learn_writing_C_extension.pdf

Level: Intermediate

Speaker Bio: Gavin Chan

Gavin Chan is a principal quantitative developer in AXA Investment Manager Chorus Ltd with 7+ years of experience in software development and finance industry.


Session Time in HKT: 4:00 PM on 8 May 2020 Friday.
Session Time in UTC: 8:00 AM on 8 May 2020 Friday.