Python Memory Management 101 (José Manuel Ortega) (Spain)

Python Memory Management 101 (José Manuel Ortega) (Spain)

Python Memory Management 101 (José Manuel Ortega) (Spain) is an English session in the online PyCon HK 2020 Spring.

In this talk I will try explain the memory internals of Python and discover how it handles memory management and object creation.The idea is explain how objects are created and deleted in Python and how garbage collector(gc) functions to automatically release memory when the object taking the space is no longer in use.

Also I will review the main mechanims for memory allocation and how the garbage collector works in conjunction with the memory manager for reference counting of the python objects.Finally, I will comment the best practices for memory managment such as writing efficient code.

These could be the main talking points:
-Introduccition to memory management
-Garbage collector and reference counting with python
-Review the gc module for configuring the python garbage collector
-Best practices for memory managment


Level: Beginner

Speaker Bio: José Manuel Ortega

I am Software Engineer with focus on new technologies, open source, security and testing. My career target from the beginning has been to specialize in Python and security testing projects. Currently I am working as a tester engineer and my functions in the project are analysis and testing the performance and security of applications. I have collaborated with the official school of computer engineers and also as speaker at various conferences.
Conferences and talks related with python are available in my personal site

Session Time in HKT: 11:00 PM on 9 May 2020 Saturday.
Session Time in GMT: 3:00 PM on 9 May 2020 Saturday.