Sessions – 2020 Spring

Sessions – 2020 Spring

This is the list of sessions in the Online PyCon HK 2020 Spring on 8-10 May 2020. The full timetable will be released by Wednesday, preliminary schedule can be also checked on G calender, all session time and content are subject to change without further notice.

All sessions are free of charge at this conference.

Friday English Sessions

  1. Build a Python IoT Image Classification solution and integrate with Azure Serverless Functions (Dave Glover) (Australia)
  2. Why should you learn writing C extension? (Gavin Chan) (Hong Kong)
  3. 10 Fighting COVID-19 with Machine Learning (Ching Lam Choi) (Hong Kong)
  4. GraalPython: Polyglot Applications with GraalVM (Amitpal Dhillon) (Singapore)

Saturday Cantonese Sessions

  1. The End of Jupyter Notebook (Alex Lau) (Hong Kong)
  2. How to use Azure Machine Learning with Python (Kinfey Lo) (Guangzhou)
  3. 廣東話香港Python社群聚會 (Sammy Fung) (Hong Kong)

Saturday English Sessions

  1. A Day Has Only 24±1 Hours (Miroslav Šedivý) (Germany)
  2. Why is it so difficult to retire an unused function? (Gavin Chan) (Hong Kong) (Lightening Talk)
  3. Python Memory Management 101 (José Manuel Ortega) (Spain)
  4. Real Time Stream Processing with Python at Scale (Alejandro Saucedo) (United Kingdom)
  5. Content Migration with Python (Brent Deverman) (Hong Kong)
  6. Geospatial Data Processing using Python (Martin Christen) (Switzerland)

Sunday English Sessions

  1. Decade of PyCon JP: How we spread the Python community in Japan (Takanori Suzuki) (Japan)
  2. What can we do for the Python community in Hong Kong in 2020? (Sammy Fung) (Hong Kong)
  3. django-scim2: User provisioning at scale (Paul Logston) (Taiwan)
  4. How to Transform Research Oriented Code into Machine Learning APIs with Python (Tetsuya Jesse Hirata) (Japan)
  5. Deceptive Security using Python (Gajendra Deshpande) (India)

Other Weekend Sessions and Activities

  1. Online Development Sprint
  2. Unconference
  3. Opening and Closing