Secure yourself (& your apps) with Secretless

Secure yourself (& your apps) with Secretless

All apps need secrets – it could be passwords, API key or cert. We need tons of secrets to do our Dev job, and at the same time, make us as potential suspects during data breaches or cyberattacks. It is totally unavoidable, until now. In this session, 2 open source projects, Conjur & Secretless, will be introduced. The speaker will explain how to enable your apps to work without secrets, such that you & your apps are both secured.

Buzzwords: DevSecOps, SecDevOps, DevOps Security, Secretless, Conjur, CyberArk, Container, Kubernetes
Level: Beginner: Target audiences with basic experience of python programming
Requirements to Audiences: Container, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps
Language: Cantonese

Speaker: Quincy Cheng (Hong Kong)

Speaker Bio: Started the career as a Dev & managed a team of 25+, switched to Security, and later oversee IT depts as Ops. Currently working at Cyberark as APJ DevOps Manager and focusing on DevSecOps