Ready, Get Set, Go! Development Sprints in Python community

Ready, Get Set, Go! Development Sprints in Python community

This talk would cover all about the development sprint which has been hidden weapon of Python community that helps us to have a healthy ecosystem. In this talk, I’ll show the history of development sprint, how it helps us become a strong and diverse community, and how can you host your own development sprint along with what you need to become a good participant. Also I’ll share PyCon Korea’s development sprint cases as well.

Buzzwords: community
Level: Beginner: Target audiences with basic experience of python programming
Requirements to Audiences: Nil
Language: English

Speaker: Younggun Kim (Korea)

Speaker Bio: Younggun is a Pythonista based in Seoul, Korea and leading engineering department in a video streaming company.  He is also actively involved in our community, especially in the East Asia region. Younggun is serving on the PSF Grants working group and has served as a board director of the PSF for the 2016/17 term with a nomination by Carol Willing.  He started PyCon Korea for the first time in 2014 with several local community members here. He travels for 6+ PyCons in a year with a nice PSF conference kit.