Neural network image recognition: A “Kong girl” approach to DIY photo sorting

Neural network image recognition: A “Kong girl” approach to DIY photo sorting

Ever felt fed up with digging photos out from thousands of images? Should you group them by time or content? Want to tag not just your friends, but also your pets? You know about some paid online services, but they are not as tailor-made, and you want to keep the photos to yourselves? Why not DIY? With image recognition by deep learning neural networks, tedious photo tagging and searching steps can be much simplified. Amidst the sea of selfies, skies, and food of a “Kong girl”‘s collection, you’ll find a better way to ease your life.

Buzzwords: Image recognition, Neural network, Machine learning, Tensorflow
Level: Intermediate: Target audiences with intermediate experience in python programming
Requirements to Audiences: Nil
Language: English

Speaker: Claire Chung (Hong Kong)

Speaker Bio: Officially a PhD candidate working on Bioinformatics; a fun- and beauty- loving girl by heart. She enjoys using Python daily for work and lifehack. While passionate in science, she goes beyond data analytics to participate in web development and graphic design. She led the Campus Network Support Team in college, and shared her experience in data visualization in PyCon HK 2017 and with two co-authored books. Music and multilingual translation are among her other interests. She believes however small a footstep of goodness is, they piece together a better world.

GitHub: ccneko
LinkedIn: claire-chung