Big Data Journey in HK01

Big Data Journey in HK01

Data is the foundation of everything in our business, including data reports, analytics dashboards, machine learning algorithms as well as artificial intelligent products. In HK01, we manage our own data. We feed our M.L. algorithms from our data silos. We enrich users’ reading experience through A.I. products. Python is at the center of the above processes. In this talk, we guide you through the usage of Python in HK01 Data Team.

Speaker: Dr. Mole T.Y. WONG (Director, Data Management of HK01 Company Limited)

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Mole T.Y. WONG is the Director of Data Management at HK01 Company Limited (HK01).  His roles include leading the data research projects, productizing data science projects, as well as architecting the data pipeline in HK01.

Before joining HK01, Mole was working in Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) and Stepcase as a Senior Software Engineer .  He was also a Senior Lecturer in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaching various programming courses for 9 years.