Sessions 2018

Sessions 2018

Hereby is partial list of sessions in PyCon Hong Kong 2018.


  1. Breast cancer classification in digital pathology using Python and Deep Learning (Scotty Kwok) (English) (Hong Kong)

General Sessions in English

  1. Neural network image recognition: A “Kong girl” approach to DIY photo sorting (Claire Chung) (English) (Hong Kong)
  2. Exploiting Emotional Knowledge from Emojis and #Hashtags (Ji Ho Park) (English) (South Korea)
  3. Enjoy type hinting and its benefits (Masato Nakamura) (English) (Japan)
  4. Deep Learning in Python: Image Recognition for Anime Characters (Iskandar Setiadi) (English) (Japan)
  5. Quant Trading with artificial intelligence (Roger Lee) (English) (Hong Kong)
  6. Deploying Machine Learning Models in Python (Albert Au Yeung) (English) (Hong Kong)
  7. Developments of Super Resolution (GUAN Jingwei) (English) (Hong Kong)
  8. Unlock the power of insurtech! A case study of digitizing the risk assessment in insurance using powerful python libraries and optimise performance with advanced machine learning models (Calvin Cheung, Rodrigo Acosta ) (English) (Hong Kong)
  9. Collaboration hack with slackbot (Kei IWASAKI) (English) (Japan)
  10. Iron Man Reactor: Building Web of Things Adapter using Python (Rizky Ariestiyansyah) (English) (INDONESIA)
  11. How to Evolve Life using Python (Bert Chan) (English) (Hong Kong)
  12. Ready, Get Set, Go! Development Sprints in Python community (Younggun Kim) (English) (Korea)
  13. NoSQL Development for MySQL Document Store using Python (Ivan Ma) (English) (Hong Kong)
  14. Distributed System in Deep Learning (Ashutosh Singh) (English) (India)
  15. Industrial Machine Learning Pipelines with Python & Airflow (Alejandro Saucedo) (English) (United Kingdom)
  16. Honey, there is a Python in my Android Phone! (Ing Wei, Tang) (English) (Malaysia)
  17. Enjoy type hinting and its benefits (Masato Nakamura) (English) (Japan)
  18. Demystifying speech recognition with Project DeepSpeech (Vigneshwer Dhinakaran) (English) (India)
  19. IoT in Home – Building a Toilet Vacancy Indicator (Arnold Chan) (Hong Kong)
  20. Deploying Django App On AWS Lambda – Serverless Architecture (Arnold Chan) (Hong Kong)
  21. Train and optimize your models with automated machine learning (Delon Yau) (Hong Kong)
  22. Current use cases for machine learning in the industry (Delon Yau) (Hong Kong)
  23. Python Community and PyCon in Hong Kong and APAC (Noah Chen, Sammy Fung) (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

General Sessions in Cantonese

  1. Secure yourself (& your apps) with Secretless (Quincy Cheng) (Cantonese) (Hong Kong)
  2. Thumbor: a smart image processing pipeline (Dick Tang) (Hong Kong)

General Sessions in Mandarin

  1. Heterogeneous Job processing with Apache Kafka (Chu, Hua-Rong) (Mandarin) (臺灣)