Matplotlib 2 By Example

The workshop aims to discuss the methods and best practices in data visualization by Python + Matplotlib 2, by providing a hands-on experience. Topics include plots commonly used in scientific communication and finance, as well as tuning figure aesthetics in the designer's perspective. Some examples will be taken from the book "Matplotlib 2 By Example", which the speaker has co-authored.

Day 1 (4th November) 03:20 PM - 04:30 PM
AC1 Lecture Hall LT-16
English (English Slides)
Bring personal laptop and your own charger


Photo of Claire Chung

Claire Chung

Claire Yik Lok Chung is now a PhD student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong working on Bioinformatics, after receiving her BSc degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. She is a co-author of the book "Matplotlib 2 by Example" that discusses the methods and best practices in professional data visualization.

With her passion for scientific research, she joined three labs during her college study, including the synthetic biology lab at the University of Edinburgh. Her current projects include soybean genomic analysis using optical mapping and next-generation sequencing data. Claire started programming 10 years ago, and uses Python and Matplotlib daily to tackle Bioinformatics problems and to bring convenience to life. Being interested in information technology in general, she leads the Campus Network Support Team in college and is constantly keeping up with the latest technological trends such as by participating in PyCon. She is motivated to acquire new skills through self-learning and is keen to share her knowledge and experience. In addition to science, she has developed skills in multilingual translation and graphic design, and found these transferable skills useful at work.

Nationality: Hong Kong